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A Tour of the West Coast of Scotland

These pages bring together our exploration of some of the regions in the Western Highlands of Scotland. The project was brought about by the wish to make use of the many boxes of slides that we have collected over the years, to develop the notes that have been written during our recent holidays, and the desire to make the images and experiences accessible to those who wish to explore this area of Scotland with us. During our visits we had no idea that we might make use of the pictures in the format they have been presented - there are therefore many gaps which deserve to be filled. The fun part is that this can be done over time and we are planning future visits to do just that - this time stopping the car to take shots of the valley views, and adding a few pictures of the villages and other key attractions. However this is not the main aim as it is the mountains themselves that are of interest and these are the main focus of the prepared pages.

Completing this project is expected to take many months and new regions will be added as they are put together. The intention has been to make the pictures themselves the main focus and therefore they have been included at a 'sensible' size - not the mini thumbnails here - based on a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels and using full 24 bit colour. This will make a significant call on the resources of the computer if the pages are being read on line (and patience of the reader), but by the time we have completed the addition of all our existing material - never mind any new input - computer technology will have caught up. Planned for the future you see...

The pages have been divided into the regional areas that most of you will be familiar with - and we have started with our favourite regions: Coigach District and Assynt District in the far North - and then worked our way south. We have linked the mountains together with a title page and map for each district; we have included some of the other attractions that we have visited and added a few lines describing our thoughts and experiences. The text does not aim to provide a 'guidebook' to each topic as you can find much better researched material elsewhere - perhaps we will get round to adding a few more maps and a bit more history in time but this is not a priority. If you have visited the areas before then hopefully the pictures will refresh your own recollections - If you have not visited before then perhaps these pages will tempt you to include some of them on a future itinery.

Each section includes links through the mountains and other pages as well as 'tour' facility following the main roads - so you can explore around the regions. Alternatively we include a standard index for those seeking a particular location. And so to the West Coast...

Torridon DistrictIsle of Skye Coigach DistrictCoigach District
Torridon DistrictTorridon District Assynt DistrictAssynt District
Loch Broom DistrictLoch Broom Sutherland DistrictSutherland District
Loch Broom DistrictKnoydart Loch Broom DistrictMorar, Moidart and Lochaber
Loch Broom DistrictThe Mamores Loch Broom DistrictCorrour and Rannoch

A Note about the Scottish Weather.

And Holiday Memories.

Pages have been uploaded at the end of October 2002. Apologies for any broken links brought about by this process - they will be fixed as each further pages, cross references and index links are added.
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