Holiday Memories.

Holiday Memories. A cascade of rain. A howler of howling wind. A carpet of grass. A square of fields. A bump of cobbles. An explosion of flowers. A community of communicating colleagues. A sheet of puddles. A wet of rivers. A coating of mist. A collection of colliding leaves. An expanse of stone. An annoyance of shorts and T-shirt covered, camera loving, tourist. A collision of cars passing by. A mess of mucky mud. A monstrous mountain range.

I remember the soaking wet clothes clinging continuously to our skin. I remember the cascading flood running beside us. I remember the trees dripping droplets of drenching dew on to our saturated clothes. I remember the moving mud sending us slipping and sliding into other people. I remember the sheets of rain buffeting our confidence to continue. I remember the view, the fact that there wasn't one! I remember my fingers, they were as if carrots had been stuck on to my hand. I remember every rock in that quagmire of a path. I remember the ferns, each one covered in three centimetres of water. I remember the gauge running beside us, I remember the murky water flooding down that gauge. I remember the weight of drinking water we took up… and brought back down! I remember my hair, weighted down the water from a thousand droplets of dew. I remember the socks, which were right next to my stinking, sweaty, and sticky feet, boy did those SMELL! I remember the steam in our car afterwards. I remember the people trying to conceal their smirk as they saw us dripping with water at the back of the pub. I remember the faces of my family driving back, each mouth was curved down to their chin. I remember the sunny day, the only sunny day, as we came home in the car. I remember the engine sighing under the weight of our saturated tents. I remember the happy thought that holiday is over. I still have that thought! I remember the CD filling the silence of a failed holiday.

By Andrew Barber, 9FG.

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