BarberSASA Screen Backgounds

The following images have found favour as Desktop Backgrounds and Screen Saver displays. The images are provide here to a slightly higher resolution than on the main display pages - in Jpeg format to a width of 1024 pixels (height dependant on source).

Hills of Assynt and Coigach - Looking south from the summit of Quinag, taken in the summer of 2004.

Download Image: src_assynthills.jpg (131 kb)

Sunset over Cul Mor - Taken over supper at the Altnacealgach Hotel, September 2004

Download Image: src_sunsetculmor.jpg (103 kb)

Northumberland Coast at Holy Island - View over to the mainland from the village on Holy Island with the Old Law beacons on Guile Point, January 2005

Download Image: src_nlandcoast.jpg (167 kb)

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Last Updated - 03 January 2005