Kilt RockThe Northern Peninsula on Skye

Trotternish is the northern peninsula on Skye and offers an interesting range of hills and coastline to explore. Down the centre runs an undulating mountain ridge that is an unmistakeable landmark when seen from the mainland. The western slopes to the ridge are shallow and grass/heather covered, the eastern side is an almost continuous line of cliffs. The land has slipped away from the cliff giving rise to some of the most remarkable pinnacles and platforms anywhere in Scotland. The most southerly (and highest) mountain is The Storr which is easily identified from the coast road to Portree by the famous stack - The Old Man of Storr - standing on the skyline. Further north is the Quiraing - a labyrinth of pinnacles and spires below the cliffs that is an exciting area to explore. A backpacking walk along the 30 km of ridge would make an excellant expedition.

The coastline is made up of many coves with stacks and caves. At Staffin the cliffs are high and a viewpoint has been constructed just off the road at Loch Mealt. This gives a view along the cliffs to Kilt Rock - the vertical basalt columns giving a resemblance of a kilt. Just beyond the barrier is the 50m waterfall that falls straight to the foreshore below. The coast road circles the entire peninsula giving easy access to the coast. Only one road crosses the peninsula - from Staffin to Uig - which gives easy access to The Quiraing from the pass of Bealach Ollasgaite.

Trotternish Mountains

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