Looking over the old cultivated fields to the village

In addition to the Hotel, Shop and Camp Site all so obvious to the visitor as they are all situated on the roadside there are some other surprises to be found. The old road loops back from the main road through the typically white painted cottages. At the north end of the village a communal picnic area has been landscaped and with a little searching you can also find llamas (yep - no misprint) and palm trees!

Scourie House

The gardens 1Across the harbour is Scourie House - a large house offering Bed and Breakfast accommodation. The start of the hillside path to Tarbet passes to the East of the gardens and a path runs under the surrounding wall back to the harbour. Half way along the wall is a viewing hole that gives a glimpse of the formal gardens behind. The central border is made up of a Palm Tree surrounded by roses, with large grasses and a host of other plants around. Clearly the marine environment and the Gulf Stream support some remarkable plants for a location this far north.

The gardens 2Happily the gardens are open to the public under the Scottish Gardens Scheme and you are free to walk in through the gates, past the house and into the walled gardens in return for a voluntary donation towards costs. The sun was out in the late afternoon and we wandered about in sheer delight. The pictures are shown in a large format to give the gardens some justice to their immaculate appearance.