Reay Forest and Cape Wrath

This is a large area at the extreme North West of Sutherland and we have brought the two areas under a single heading. This is mainly as a result of our single tour of the area in 1993 when we used camp sites at Scourie and Durness to explore the mountains and coastline of this remote corner of Scotland. The main purpose of the visit was to tackle the mountains of Arkle, the Munro summit of Ben Hope and the notable peaks of Ben Loyal to the East. On the coastline we walked to the remarkable Sandwood Bay on a wet and windy day - but we gave the trip to Cape Wrath itself a miss this time around.

We returned to Scourie in 2001 with the prime aim of getting on to Foinaven's high ridges. The weather was not at its best for long days out and we toured Durness and the caves, visited the coast at Oldshoremore, as well as climbing on the hills.

The Mountains

The Other Attractions

Tours of the Region

To Arkle A tour of the mountains
Tour attractions A tour of other attractions
Tour South to North Tour from the south at Kylesku