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This is the homepage for the Barber family. We live in Coquetdale in Northumberland, England. Please feel free to have a look around and contact us if you have any queries or points you wish to add.


Scotland Pages

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Simon works as a Computer Database Consultant for companies around the UK. In his spare time (which he seems to have a lot of) he likes to spend money, redecorate the house, work in the garden and play with things photographic. He is well accomplished at complaining that his computer is never fast enough - or that it does not have enough disk space - for the image software he wants to run. Simon decides that 'Overseas holidays with lots of sun and beach are not for us' and has compiled notes and pictures from the years spent on the Scottish West Coast into a web site.

Digital photography has now arrived and opened up entire new horizons for spending the cash. All new pictures for the web site are now selected from the (literally) hundreds taken on holidays and day walks, and folders and walls are filling up with printed examples. Images that have proved popular as Desktop Backgrounds are included so that there is no need for you to miss out either!


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Dentistry still occupies Angela through the week and she is kept busy most days at various places around the county. Outside of work Angela enjoys buying borders for the garden, planting vegetables and weeding. All part of a grand scheme - as yet un-achieved - to get the right type of greenery in the right place. Her unrealised ambition is to meet the great Dermott - the grand garden plans are there - she watches all his shows. Another helper with the Duke of Edinburgh scheme expeditions. She enjoys walking in the hills - but can perfectly do without the high, narrow ridges that are favoured by other family members. Hates coming downhill.

As far as IT literacy goes she is reasonably knowledgable but claims she can never get on her laptop computer when needed - an accusation firmly denied by both Andrew and Simon. To fill the spare minutes Angela can be heard 'footling' on the piano, reading or planning the next bit of planting. Now that the two children have left home there should be ample time to develop these hobbies - but this has yet to be realised.


Susan's Pages

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School years spent at Thropton (First School), Rothbury (Middle School) and KEVI, Morpeth (High School), Susan moved on to Sheffield to study Mechanical Engineering at the University. Now that student life has passed she has found gainful employment based in York.

The move from Sheffield has not imposed on her busy social life. To Susan a night in doing your hair is a night wasted - she would much rather be out in the hills climbing or walking, playing the clarinet and can even - on the odd occasion - be found in the local pub. As can be seen, Susan avoids any risk of a boring social life!



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Andrew is the youngest of the family and like Susan progressed through schools in Thropton and Rothbury before moving to KEVI in Morpeth for Year 9. He has now finished with school and moved on to Southampton University for a course (also) in Mechanical Engineering. For sport Badminton features a lot in his spare time along with games in the suster racquet sports of Squash and Tennis. Music - other than the down-loaded form - has faded from the active list since his move to the mild climes of Hampshire to be replaced by traditional student activities...

Andrew still spends too much time on computers - he just has to have the best computer around. Although he is found to spend inordinate amounts of time on the Internet he maintains it is all due to a good (if unspecified) cause. He has an impressive knowledge of most things computery and has put together a number of websites for others. And keeps the household computer system running. He can cook a good meal though!

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Scotland Pages

After numerous holidays in Scotland exploring the high mountains and moorland we have collected a large number of photographs and recorded a short diary on our walks. Since 1997 Simon has been compiling the text and photos into a series of web pages and these are now posted at this web site. The project is still ongoing with sections on Sutherland, Assynt, Coigach, Loch Broom, Torridon, Skye, Mamores, Corrour and Rannoch already available.

Kidland Estate

Kidland Pages

As part of Susan's Duke of Edinburgh Award (Gold) she compiled a history on the Kidland Estate in the Cheviot Hills. Kidland lies just above Alwinton, a few miles up the Coquet Valley from home. The hillsides are now largely forrested and many of the smaller farms have fallen into ruin. Susan has compiled the notes and some of the old photographs she found during her research into the attached web pages.

Screen Images

Screen Backgrounds

Images from the collection of photographs that have found favour as Desktop Backgrounds and Screen Saver displays. The images are provide here to a slightly higher resolution than on the main display pages.

Christmas Newsletter

Xmas 2004 Newsletter

For the past few years BarberSASA has compiled an annual Newsletter for circulation to friends and family at Christmas. Copies of the newsletter are posted here - just in case you did not get a copy!

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